Ceramic Fibre Insulated Flat Twin (1200°C)

This ceramic coated cable has outstanding performance at high temperatures, being able to see and experience temperatures far higher than most other thermocouple cables. Each conductor is ceramic fibre braided, the pair is then laid flat and ceramic fibre braided overall. This cable can be useful for kiln and furnace applications, heat treatment, component testing, metals production and more, however due to the woven construction it is not advisable to use this in a vacuum. Due to the ceramic make up, the cable is naturally quite brittle and must be handled with care at all times.
  • 1/0.8mm dia laid flat and overall sheathed construction
  • Type KX, without colour tracers
  • Extremely wide temperature range, rated from -185 to 1200°C
  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • Outstanding high temperature performance
Type KX - 1/0.8mm Ceramic Fibre Insulated Flat Twin Thermocouple Extension Cable
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818-300 25 metre reel - Type KX £285.00 £269.00 £252.00 Add
818-302 50 metre reel - Type KX £505.00 £473.00 £440.00 Add
818-304 100 metre reel - Type KX £879.00 £814.00 £749.00 Add
818-306 200 metre reel - Type KX £1,497.00 £1,367.00 £1,237.00 Add