Thermocouple Connector Systems

Choose the right thermocouple connector for your application

Thermocouple connectors (plugs, sockets and panel sockets) are available in two sizes; miniature and standard. Miniature thermocouple connectors are smaller and have flat pins, these are usually found on small diameter thermocouples or fitted to the end of cables for connection to hand held and panel instruments. Standard connectors have larger round pins and tend to be used for more industrial applications. We manufacture both standard and miniature thermocouple connectors in all thermocouple types in IEC colours (ANSI colours are available on request) using high purity thermocouple alloys for male pin and female socket connections.

Beyond the physical size of the thermocouple connector, the operating temperature of the connector also needs to be considered. The most common thermocouple connectors are made from a thermoplastic material having a temperature rating of 220ºC and these connectors are a solid colour according to the thermocouple type (to IEC 60584.3) and have a thermocouple type letter on the body. A thermosetting plastic rated to 350ºC is also available (these are a solid brown colour with the thermocouple type letter indicated) and beyond this, ceramic connectors are available for use up to 650ºC, these are white with a coloured dot to indicate the thermocouple type.

We manufacture a wide range of connectors in 2-pin, 3-pin and duplex versions with a complementary range of panels and accessories also available. Colour coded miniature and standard thermocouple connectors to IEC 60584-3 are available as standard and are suitable for connecting our range of mineral insulated thermocouples and thermocouple cable. RTD Pt100 connectors are also available.