Cement On Polyimide Thin Film Thermocouple - Standard Grade

These versatile, low cost thermocouples can be used for a wide variety of surface temperature measurements including environmental testing, temperature surveys of electrical components, oven wall temperatures, etc. The foil sensor incorporates a thermocouple sensor which is rolled flat before being embedded between two paper thin glass reinforced high temperature polyimide laminates. These both support and electrically insulate the thermocouple as well as providing a flat surface for cementing or resining the sensor to. They feature rugged 0.2mm dia fibreglass leads 2 metres long and are available in thermocouple types K, T, J and N. They are designed for easy installation either by using the adhesive weld compound which we offer or alternatively by using an epoxy resin. Users must ensure the resin they use satisfies the operating temperature they intend working within.
  • Thermocouple types K, T, J and N available
  • Patch size is 20mm x 12mm x 0.13mm thick
  • Leads: 2 metres, 0.2mm dia solid Fibreglass insulated laid flat pair leads
  • Insulated Junction
  • Operating range: -30ºC to +220ºC (but up to 300ºC short term)
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The following types are available:

Cement on Thin Film Thermocouple - Standard Grade

Order Code Description 1 - 4 5 - 9 10+ Buy
402-700 Type K £37.70 £34.40 £31.50 Add
402-702 Type T £37.70 £34.40 £31.50 Add
402-704 Type J £37.70 £34.40 £31.50 Add
402-706 Type N £37.70 £34.40 £31.50 Add
402-750 Adhesive Weld Compound * £19.40 £17.80 £16.30 Add
  * Note: This resin contains Iron, therefore it may not be suitable for all applications