Cement On Polyimide Thin Film Thermocouple - Aerostructure Grade

These versatile cement on foil thermocouples give exceptional performance for exceptional applications. Although used widely in the aerospace industry for dynamic testing of composite structures, they can be used on any application where a lightweight, miniature, durable, flexible and rugged sensor is required. This unique 0.13mm thick sensor in the form of a 12mm x 20mm film, provides millisecond responses and high dielectric strengths combined with very low thermal mass and physical profile. The foil sensor incorporates a class 1 tolerance thermocouple sensor which is rolled flat before being embedded between two paper thin glass reinforced high temperature polymer laminates which are then high kiln fired in order for them to meet your most arduous requirements. The polyimide laminate both supports and electrically insulates the thermocouple as well as providing a flat surface for cementing or resining the foil sensor to. They feature rugged 0.25mm dia Kapton leads 2 metres long and are available in thermocouple types K, T, J and N. They are designed for easy installation either by using the adhesive weld compound which we offer or alternatively by using an epoxy resin. Users must ensure the resin they use satisfies the operating temperature they intend working within. They have an operating temperature range of -250ºC up to 300ºC with short term use up to 370ºC. These aerostructure grade sensors can also be built to your specific dimensional requirements.
  • Thermocouple types K, T or J available to IEC 60584-1:2013 Class 1
  • Manufactured to aerostructure grade specifications
  • Patch size is 20mm x 12mm x 0.13mm thick
  • Leads: 2 metres, 0.25mm dia solid Kapton insulated laid flat pair leads
  • Insulated Junction
  • Operating range: -250ºC to 300ºC (but up to 370ºC short term)
The following types are available:

Cement on Thin Film Thermocouple - Aero Grade

Order Code Description 1 - 4 5 - 9 10+ Buy
402-716 Type K £80.00 £73.00 £68.00 Add
402-718 Type T £80.00 £73.00 £68.00 Add
402-720 Type J £80.00 £73.00 £68.00 Add
402-722 Type N £80.00 £73.00 £68.00 Add
402-750 Adhesive Weld Compound * £19.40 £17.80 £16.30 Add