What is multipair thermocouple cable?

Multipair thermocouple cables consist of 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 pairs of thermocouple wire in a single cable. In the case of PVC cables, the wires are usually multi-stranded with the pairs numbered, twisted and individually screened with Mylar® aluminium tape with a drainwire. Pairs are laid up, overall screened with Mylar® aluminium tape with a drainwire and finally with an overall sheath (jacket).

In some applications, it will be desirable to provide mechanical protection in the form of a steel wire armour and we have a large range of armoured multipair cables available from stock with PVC insulation. Some Fibreglass multipairts cables have a stainless steel braid for mechanical / abrasion resistance.

We also have large stocks of multipair cables with PFA or Fibreglass insulation for higher temperature applications and where a very flexible cable is required, we have silicon rubber insulated cables available.

Cables with up to 50 pairs are also available to order, usually from stock, please contact us for details.

Multipair Thermocouple Cables available from Stock