Swaged RTD Sensor - Pt100 with Miniature Weatherproof Head

A unique fast response, high strength, low cost solution to many problematical temperature measurement applications. Rugged large diameter with a low thermal mass reduced tip provides for incredibly fast response. They are terminated with an IP67 miniature weatherproof head. Ideal where a heavy duty connection needs to be made near to the sensor. A range of extension cables and adjustable compression fittings can be found on this website to complement this product. Do remember to select compression fittings for the larger diameter of the sensor.
  • 3 wire configuration
  • Pt100 element meets IEC 60751 Class B
  • Sheath Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Variety of lengths and diameters available. Length shown does not include the head or its gland
  • The swaged tip part of the sensor is approximately 50mm long. This part of the sensor has nominal dimensions due to the nature of swaging
  • Operating range: -75ºC to +250ºC
  • Terminated in an IP67 miniature weatherproof die cast alloy head rated to 135ºC
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The following types are available:
Swaged RTD Pt100 Sensor With Miniature Head
Order Code Description 1 - 4 5 - 9 10 - 19 Buy
515-023 3.0>2.0mm dia x 150mm long £55.30 £51.30 £45.60 Add
515-026 3.0>2.0mm dia x 200mm long £55.80 £51.80 £46.10 Add
515-029 3.0>2.0mm dia x 300mm long £57.00 £52.90 £47.00 Add
515-032 3.0>2.0mm dia x 500mm long £59.10 £55.00 £48.90 Add
515-038 6.0>4.5mm dia x 150mm long £55.30 £51.30 £45.60 Add
515-041 6.0>4.5mm dia x 200mm long £55.80 £51.80 £46.10 Add
515-044 6.0>4.5mm dia x 300mm long £57.00 £52.90 £47.00 Add
515-047 6.0>4.5mm dia x 500mm long £59.10 £55.00 £48.90 Add